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NEXT LEVEL LIT is a boutique literary agency representing authors who use their voices to create change and bring evolution through storytelling.

The journey from a book idea to a book-on-the-shelf can be daunting, but having a well-informed guide helps transform those jitters into excitement. NEXT LEVEL LIT takes clients through every step of the book publishing process: from developing book ideas that get traction with publishers, to finding the best partners for podcasts, film, TV and more, the resources at NEXT LEVEL are designed to do just that--take your work to the next level. Let’s go!


NEXT LEVEL LIT is based in New York City and founded by JL Stermer.


A native New Yorker, JL has worked in theater, fashion, network TV and hospitality before finding her way to publishing. After attending Temple University in Philadelphia and The Fashion Institute of Technology, JL earned her BA in English from Columbia University.


With over a decade of agenting experience prior to starting NEXT LEVEL LIT she and her team are uniformly dedicated to getting authors book deals that build and grow careers.


When she's not at her desk, JL can be found roaming the city streets feeling energized by the creativity bubbling up through the heaviness of the pandemic. She loves park benches, preferably with coffee and a donut.

JL Stermer

JL Stermer Next Level Lit - Photo by Joe Glasgow

Photo by Joe Glasgow